Stonewall transposed to a QGA

Dec 5, 2009, 9:29 AM |

This is the last game of the MN Class championship this year, my second with white.  My recent goal has been to use the Stonewall.  But if black plays certain moves that's not best so my other lines based on Yaacov Norowitz and Andrew Soltis. 

Against the early fianchetto KID or Gruenfeld either a Zukertort or a Torre system

Against 2 Bf5 the Queen's Gambit with an attack on the weakened light squares

Against an early unprotected c5 dxc5 keeping the pawn.

The latter happened in this game. I did get a decent game out of this though I didn't play the opening ideally. But thanks to my opponent I could've won handily but we both missed the major mistake.  Later I threw the game only to be given back the draw.  I really think I should've won but this game is a good learning experience.  Annotated game follows, to see the variations click on PGN / Move list.