2014 Southern Congress 5-SS - Thoughts

Aug 12, 2014, 6:54 PM |

Overall I really enjoyed playing at the 2014 Southern Congress in Atlanta this past weekend.  I played in the Amateur section, under 2000, which I fell in the U1600 group this tournament.  It was nice to see everybody again. 

A couple things that were discussed:

1) Try "Perfect Chess Trainer"

2) How many times do you allow your opponent to ask for a draw in a lost poistion before you get the TD?  We have noticed A LOT of kids asking for draws being totally lost. Who teaches them to do this? I thought it was always "Play till the end, learn how they beat you" ?!  When did it turn into "When you are losing, keep asking for a draw to distract your opponent?"

3) Parents ...

4) Overall I was pleased with my openings selection, even though I had not planned on playing some of them. 

5) My tactics need some serious work, serious, serious work.  No laughing matter, I did not play some of my candidate moves because I was afraid and could not calculate (or even try to look past 2 moves).

6) I should be moving past USCF 1610 with these wins, so this year I have gone from 1380 -> 1610  as 220pt gain, more gain than I have gotten in 15 years. However, I still have major problems with 1700+ opponents.  What is separating me from them? I'm not even a challenge for them, yet I have 0 fear, and I mean 0, for 1500-1600.  Whats the difference between 1600 and 1800? I need to figure it out fast!