Allowing Counter Play

May 26, 2013, 2:36 PM |

Adding: "Allows Counterplay" to my list of weaknesses. I have started making printouts of my games, putting them in a 3 ring notebook with diagrams, and then using colored tabs to mark the weakness that was present.

After doing this for a few games, Allowing Counterplay, ranks pretty high up there.  This includes forms of mis-calculation (missed in-between Forceful moves), weakening of squares with pawn pushes (especially on Knights (eg N on g5, pushing f6 gives up e6, which Knight can hit). Also, working towards a plan but forgetting about opponent's plans, and simultaneously not allowing those.

This week's study will involve trying to rid myself of these by studying prophylactics.

It may be interesting to play more open games to get more training on calculation, rather than try to avoid complications because I may be weak in this area.

Perhaps studying games of GM's that were good at limiting coutnerplay? Who would that be??