Chess Opening Training!

Chess Opening Training!

Jan 31, 2016, 11:08 AM |

It's time to bite the bullet and get serious on using my repertoire, and analyzing my games, with a concentration on the opening.  For the most part, I am using Kaufman's Repertoire for Black and White - with a few openings added in for flavor.  


I think I read that Samuel Reshevsky hated (or wasn't good at?) preparing for the openings, so let's all not be like Samuel (in that aspect  )  


I reworked my database in Chess Position Trainer to sort by specific line (new opening folder for each section of his book). This way, I can more easily import games for specific lines into the right opening, instead of having a mass collection of a single "repertoire".  This also will help with the training side, as I can pick specific openings I am having difficulty with.  


Here are some of the games I played yesterday on by opening.  (P.s.  I should request when entering a board position that we could just enter a Game url! - what a hassle)


Evans Gambit Mistake  -  6. .. ed  - should be 6. .. Na5

Which turns out ugly
Strangely I got an Englund Gambit - with a strange sideline additional gambit.  This was fairly easy to work out over the board. 
 Next we can look at what we can do when your opponent goes "out of book".  Queen's Pawn opening with h4.  
More to come!