Completed Part Five - Endgames for Class "B" (1600-1799)

Feb 16, 2014, 1:05 PM |

Today I completed  Part Five - Endgames for Class "B" (1600-1799) in Silman's Complete Endgame Course

At the end of the chapter there are 10 problems on Rook and pawn endings, and Opposite Colored Bishop Endings.  I scored 9/10, missing the point of problem #8 below:

For this problem, I thought that if White could exchange the Bishops this would make the endgame easier. Weird thing is, I did see that Kd8 was problematic, and the move I picked would have taken white 2 moves to complete - h3.  But even with 2 moves this move fails to f5. h3 Bg4 f5.  
Plus I am missing the whole point, there is not enough space to maneuver on the 7th rank!
At the end of this chapter, Silman gives the reader the choice to put down the book, and be satisfied with the vast amount of endgame knowledge aquired, or at least check out Part Nine, Endgames for Pleasure, or continue onto the more advanced sections