Continued: From 1400 USCF to 2000: #7 Building a Repertiore + Sample Game

Jul 22, 2014, 5:43 PM |

Expanding on the previous post I wanted to write down the resources I will be using to study from.


The Kaufman Repertoire for Black and White: A Complete, Sound and User-friendly Chess Opening Repertoire

Kaufman's book goes through the best lines, while avoiding some of the heavy hitter's like the Grunfeld, which he feels gives Black the best chances. He suggests some 1.Nf3 lines if you wish to avoid this opening as well. Mostly, it is computer moves, but all with the same goals - Retaining the Bishop pair and a strong center duo where possible. It does a very good job of explaining early deviations, and opening themes and ideas.  I have put maybe 1/3 of the lines for the white side into Chess Position Trainer, and need to keep up with the training. 

Since I would like to try and avoid the Grunfeld, I will be playing 1.Nf3 as well, so I can revisit this chapter in the Kaufman book, but the advantage will be that I will also be playing the Reti and the KIA for these I have in my library

A Strategic Opening Repertiore and The King's Indian Attack: Move By Move.  I have just joined a study group on for the later, and I think it is again time to re-visit the first -this time with CPT. I need to decide in which responses I will follow which book, and create a pgn to study from.  For example, I think after 1.Nf3 d5 I would play 2.d4 intending 3.c4 (Since there is a target on d5 to play against now)  After, 1...c5 perhaps the KIA, and after 1...Nf6 the Reti etc 2.c4  2.g3 ..

For the Nimzo, Roman has a nice video set here on in which he obliterates the white lines, works for me!  KID - I have the DVD set from (I think thats it).  Benko, I have a book (Attack with Black), and have a lesson + games with my coach.  Everything needs to be loaded into CPT so that I can see where there are transpositions. 

I think I will start with CPT 12 moves deep, that is - only enter lines for each opening up to the 12th move.  Later I can load in the games I play and compare where games have deviated and work through some responses. 

Should create Tabias in CPT of the lines that seem to occur the most.

I played a nice Pirc blitz game today, enjoy! (No I have not analyzed it yet)