From 1400 to 2000 - #5 Studies & FICS Game

Oct 9, 2012, 10:40 PM |

Have been progressing through my studies, have chosen 2 GM's to emulate. Karpov and Ulf Andersson.  I need the most work on positional games, and endgames. Karpov is very positional, and Andersson's love of the endgame is very clear.

I also picked out some openings that I wanted to learn, the Scandinavian and the Caro Kann.  Positions are very similiar! I can play either one and now get solid good games.

In following Ulf Andersson I have switched my move order for white from Nf3 c4 to Nf3 d4.  Here is a game I played G15 on FICS against an opponent 100 points higher.