KIA vs Sicilian - G30

Mar 1, 2014, 11:11 PM |

Fun game I had tonight after a bunch of shorter 30min games.  I am working my way through re-learning 1.e4 main lines and gambits starting with 1.e4 e5, using the Scotch Gambit and the King's gambit to start.  For all others, I am playing the King's Indian Attack, and am also part of the KIA group here (Hi guys!)

There were several blunders on both parts, and after some smoke cleared I thought to myself, OK I have the Q side locked up, his B on e8 can't move, so his rooks can't connect, and there are no pawn breaks he can use (besides maybe b3).  So, it must be time for the kingside to crumble.

I will start with a puzzle to find the move that takes white ahead, then post the game as well. Enjoy!




Key Notes:

  • b5 comes a move late after Bd7
  • I had gone through the b5 line to great length with the KIA group, where we have a nice thread on it - Thanks Hector for putting that together.
  • The Q never "helps" with breaking up the center e5 pawn
  • Usually she comes to Qc7
  • Nge7 - this Knight never did anything
  • After the center falls, the rook is virtually untouchable (After Bf7)
  • Was not sure why Nxd4 at the end, crack under pressure? The exhange may have been there 2 moves earlier, but the rook has moved now