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Lessons from Chess University Prodigy Program

Lessons from Chess University Prodigy Program

Jun 5, 2016, 4:42 PM 0

Wrote an article about the lessons I am receiving from Chess University / Prodigy Program for the last few months, and a special coupon code to receive $15 off your first month here ->




I also though, wanted to write more here about what I have learned, specifically, about calculation and pawn structure play.  


To recap what my Blog here on Chess.com is, it serves to record my training and notes while I progress from 1400 (now 1700) to 2000, and give some reflection on things I have learned (or failed to learn).  


For the last 20 years, I had not played much chess, but to my surprise, after starting to play again, I still was playing at 1400 level.  I thought I would have aged like wine!  Not so!  I needed to get some training, as a mountain of chess books at home, had not proved any results.  

Chess University and Prodigy Program gives me constant chess reinforcement, at a reasonable rate, that works for my busy schedule.  The lessons are targeted for my rating group, and have enhanced my understanding of chess.  


For the first few months that I was with the course, we (among other things) studied calculation techniques, which all the homework, and live video lessons revolved around.  Every weekend I was able to ask questions of some of the strongest players in the world, while working on homework during the week.  


Considering top level chess lessons will cost anywhere from $50-100 per hour, the price for one month of chess lessons from Prodigy Program of $150 is quite reasonable given this amounts to over 12 hours of live lessons, where you can ask questions in a classroom setting, are given homework to reinforce the ideas, and are given 2 analyzed games, and a simul each month.  


I would recommend chess lessons from Chess University and the Prodigy program to students of all ages from 900 to 2000 USCF rating (later they may provide 2000-2400+) as the University expands.  It provides great value, and a top level curriculum given by the world's best instructors.  



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