MLK Classic Open Section - 2014

Jan 18, 2014, 8:01 PM |

Traveled from Atlanta to Montgomery AL this weekend, to participate in the MLK Classic they had going on, a G/70 5d.  I played in the OPEN section, and knew I would get creamed pretty much all day, but what happened was a little un expected.  First round I pulled board 1, against a 1950 player, and pulled out a draw in a dead lost position due to his 10s remaining (5s delay). Which turned out to be a perpetual. I probably could have flagged him though with 5min to think on my clock, you be the judge!  Second game I played a 1850 player as white in a Grand Prix attack - no I haven't learned the open Siscialian I wanted to play yet :(  In the thrid round ... ugg, the third round....  1350 Player, up the exchange in an ending, and well ... I saw a tricky move he could have played against me to I spent 10min calculating the remainig K and P ending (correctly) as a win, and then went and goofed it up (as usual)

I need to look more at attacking patterns against a Fianchetto'd King, and MORE ENDINGS.  I think I did fairly well at limiting my opponents counter-chances this weekend, and I was just "Playing Chess!"

Will post the last game tomorrow.  Along with the endgame problem.