My Best Game OTB to Date - Boris Kogan Memorial Round 1

Mar 7, 2014, 9:35 PM |

Boris Kogan was an IM in the Atlanta area, origionally from USSR.  This would be my second Boris Kogan Memorial Tournament, the first being at the old Atlanta club, where one would get "scalped" :)


This game had it all, piece sacrifices, opening play, clearances, pins, passed pawns, good vs bad bishop, pawn structures. I was very pleased with how I played this game. (and glad my opponent didnt go into a French)


Game is annotated, with my thoughts from during the game, I have not had time to analyze it yet, or blunder check with Rybka. Please comment and read the commentary. Enjoy the game!


With Rybka + My Analysis.  Missed m8, but I am only human.  Though perhaps I should have utilized the LSB better.