On the opening lines - 1400-200 Training Diary

Mar 12, 2014, 2:08 PM |

So after my last tournament results, I was pretty happy but I have noticed some areas to improve on.  There were a few areas in the opening in my draw, and the loss where I was grasping for the correct ideas.  In the loss, this proved fatal, and I should have lost the draw, it was a horrible game. 

Drawing from Silman's latest article, I want to tighten up the lines I play.  Specific lines that play to my strengths, not just the general opening, and openings that prevent me from playing to my weaknesses. 


  • Attacking play
  • Positional squeezes
  • Imagination
  • Defensive ideas


  • Allowing opponent too much counterplay
  • Pawn play
  • Complicated Rook and pawn endings

I play a lot of different openings but I want to look for lines that are:

  • Solid
  • Easy to understand the positional plans
  • Doesn't give away huge amounts of counterplay
  • Middle game guides the endgame plans

Here are some of the openings I currently play and or am interested in playing as White

  • Ruy Lopez
  • Scotch Gambit
  • Kings Gambit
  • Kings Indian Attack
  • Colle System
  • Reti
  • Nimzovitch System (e4 c4 d3 Ne2 f4/b4)
  • 1.d4 - but no specific ideas

As black

  • French - no specific variations
  • Caro Kann
  • Scandinavian
  • Nimzo/Bogo Indian
  • Pirc
  • Modern
  • Nimzovitch
  • Ruy Lopez

I still want to play these openings, but I want to find some lines in these general openings that play to my strengths.