Standard Game

May 17, 2013, 8:04 AM |
After taking a good look at some of my older games, and after my lesson this week. I decided to play some standard games online with a real board next to me to view the moves as I would OTB. I have very rarely done this, and my new desk is just perfect for this, so I quite enjoy it. I also wanted to take the time to write down all the candidate moves I had thought about, so that later I could examine the game and remember the moves I had thought of. Turned out, both of the "better" moves I had missed, I had not even considered. One of the errors I commit was to do the "bop-bop-bop" in my head without thinking of the inbetween moves I had. So, I preplanned 2 moves, and lost out on winning some material, yet I was playing with a solid plan which argueably was just as strong. 
See better plans? Please tell me! :)