Study Plan for Coming Months

Apr 12, 2015, 5:04 PM |

It's been a while since I have had a solid study plan to reach my goals. I think Goals are important, and making plans that will help you reach those goals is crucial.  Therefore, I am going to lay out my study plans here so keep them fresh in my mind.  These plans will revolve around several different weaknesses in my current game, and keeping up with things that I am not as weak in. 

  1. Opening Preparation, and creation of a Repertoire
  2. Defensive Play, and limiting counterchances
  3. Tactics
  4. Grandmaster Emulation - I have chosen to study Ulf Andersson, among others with 2 different books I posses.  
  5. Endgame Studies

These are the Major points I would like to hit for Repertoire study I will be drawing from several different resources, as well as ChessBase, Youtube, and other video series I own. 

Opening Repertoire

Here is what the White side of the repertiore may look like.

For black, I need some more aggressive lines, but will mainly be using my workhorses - French + Nimzo/Bogo - For the more aggressive lines - Benko or Perhaps other gambits. 

1/2 Hour per day x 3 days a week. 

Defesive Play

I am not sure how to study this, I think there are videos here on, as well as some articles.  I need to look at some possible sources of study material for this.  Perhaps though playing positional strategic chess lends itself to defensive, calculated, ideas. 


Tactics Trainer, Chess Mentor - Tactics, Art of Attack in Chess + other books.  1/2 hour a day 2x a week. 


Grandmaster Study

Ulf Andersson - "Grandmaster Chess Strategy" book


1/2 Hour x 1 day a week


Endgame puzzles and studies  2x per week.  Or, create a new study (compose)



Decide on transpositions, and lines to play vs  Weaker/Equal/Stronger players.  Practice lines where oppoonent deviates early, unusualy lines.  Play the opposite color vs the computer?