Tal vs Botvinnik 1960

This week, I am reading Tal vs Botvinnik - 1960. Pretty interesting read on kindle for $10. Getting into Tal's mind as he goes from round to round against the systematic and positional Botvinnik.

Also got a new cell phone, a Driod Note II.  Very nice for chess study, taking notes on S Note to create flash cards, scid and mobile chess engines, and of course chess.com.  I am able to analyze my games create "flash cards" in S Note of the key mistakes.  This is along the lines of the recomendations in "Chess Master at Any Age".  Good chess player's device/phone!


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    Yes, have Reassess 4

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    get some sillman too ;p He is responsible for a vast portion of my strength.  Teaches to read the board, allowing the peices and their placements dictate what the strongest move(s) is/are.  

    All positions have imbalances, the correct move throws the scales in your imbalance(s) favor(s) while tossing the opponents further into their respective opposites.  He focuses on the different types of imbalances, and examples of how to spot/read for them and manipulate them.

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