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The Sniper

The Sniper

May 7, 2016, 3:25 PM 0

A few weeks ago, after the last tournament I played in, I wanted to find a decent opening solution for black, as in 5 rounds of play I played 3 French Exchanges as Black.  I just wanted to try something new, that sort of incorporated a good chunk of other openings that I have been studying as a replacement.  Mainly:  KID, Benko, Pirc/Modern, Sicilian Dragons.  


To my surprise, the book "The Sniper" fit this exact requirement.  To get a feel for it, even before reading the main chapters, I played out some blitz games after reading the Introduction.  This was mainly to get a feel for which variations would occur, that I would likely encounter.  Also to my surprise, this greatly differed as well.  Lets look at a few setups White can choose from


Overall, I have read the main 2 chapters  3.Nf3 and 3.Nc3 twice, and also the Benko and KID lines chapters twice as well.  I however, am still learning a few of the move orders.  I still haven't put the book into Chess Position Trainer.  However, the games have been really fun, and a little more active - which is what I have been looking for.  
Here are some sample games.  


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