Trying out - Sicilian Kan

Aug 23, 2015, 6:57 AM |

Recently, I have been looking for more aggressive openings to play, I feel I have been playing solid positional lines for quite some time now, and the lack of aggression was starting to hurt.  My coach, IM Attila Turzo, had recommended the Sicilian Kan.  It looked like a delicious mix of attacking and positional play, restricting white's usual play in 1.e4 c5 lines  (no Bb5 possible) and the positions are very similiar to positional lines I would play in say, a Hedgehog (crucial exchange, Bb7, Qc7 etc)  


When googling some information to put in Evernote, I saved these links.  

ChessTempo Kan


Silman's "Wrath of too Many Kans"


I also played some blitz games to get a feel for it. 

Perhaps one day I will move on to the Najdorf, If I do for sure I would get the Grandmaster series books on it.

So, I also needed to be more aggressive with the White pieces, and I am studying an anti-sicilian line (with Bb5 naturally), lines with Qxd4, and bind lines with c4. The book I am reading for that also recommends the King's Indian Attack for which I already have many books.  


Here's a game I just played with a Bb5


This new chapter in my chess studies promises to be more fun than it has been.  It's time to grow up and learn the sharp lines.  

Play the Sicilian?  Which lines/systems do you like? Have a favorite win? Let's see em!