Weekend Training - Benko, Roman, Art of Attack, Nunn

Jun 1, 2014, 6:32 PM |

Lots of chess training this weekend.  I had a lesson a Saturday, and since I had not played OTB in a while, and reflecting on the previous tournament, I wanted to learn another black defense to 1.d4.  I got some training with @AttilaTurzo on the Benko gambit.  I have been looking to play a little sharper lines with black, since I feel more comfortable playing it.  We went over 2 games, and I looked through some of the datebase games he gave me.  I really like the looks of the opening, I think it suites well with my style of play.

After that, there were some items on my training list that needed attention. I re-started reading the Art of Attack, and worked through attack on an uncaslted King, this time with a board, and Kindle.  Going over the lines with a board helps more if not just to see positions as they would occur OTB.

After that I continued my end game study reading Nunn's Understanding Chess Endgames a bit. Queen and pawn endings. 

After this, I still was looking for what to do with my white repertiore.  Dry opening books, of which I have many, seemed a daunting task. I opted to see what was available on Amazon video. It happens that Roman has some good DVD package there, and I watched - Mastering Chess Vol. 5: Rapid and Complete Opening Repertoire for White. This video recommends lines to play in the Queen's Gambit Declined.  I had been playing 1.e4 but, I think I needed to watch a video on 1.d4, and in such a format - simple and easy to learn lines, to return back to 1.d4.  Reason being, I had always loved playing the Queens Pawn games, and now 2 coaches have said to play it, yet I had forgot how to play them.  Roman gives a solid "ramp up" to 1.d4 following up with c4.  I really love his videos series here, and on his DVD's - simple to follow, and world class preparations.  I put the lines into Chess Postion Trainer with some notes. 

After I watch the video for white twice, I rented the same series as black, for his coverage on the Nimzo - my current workhorse.  It was a great refresher, and realized I was playing several lines incorrectly. 

I also started a new website where I will be giving Book and DVD reviews, from my own library, from club player perspective.  The address is mychessbooks.com

So, lets record the openings here


Queens Gambit - selected lines


Nimzo - Qc2


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