World Open 2017 U1800 - Action, Rounds 1 & 2 - My Thoughts and Games

World Open 2017 U1800 - Action, Rounds 1 & 2 - My Thoughts and Games

Jul 6, 2017, 5:41 PM |

Went to the World Open this year, with travel buddy Davide Nastasio, and played in the U1800 Section in the main event, and the World Open Action. Overall, the experience was amazing, incredible, even though perhaps I am not feeling in the best chess (or physical) shape) I could be in.  5 hours at the board was not uncommon, and I had to defend several endgames to the bitter end. The Action G25 seemed really fast, but I scored a gem (and $12.50) in the last round that made it all worth it.  In the main event, I scored 4.5/9  .. though I am really not going to count the last game against myself, since I was out of the money I decided to have a little fun.  


Our section was won by a 1550 player (go figure), and in second was a flat 1700 .. Davide said there are 4 types of players that go to the World open 1) Sandbaggers (obvious) 2) Those that study all year for the Open, and only the Open 3) Up and coming children, moving fast in rating  4) the fresh meat.    I think I was a mix if 4 and 2, having only studied specifically for the Open for 3-4 months.  


First the Action rounds, I had a decent score to start, and I think around the third game a blew a game up a whole piece (dropping rook to fork in low time) .. and so, when I drew black the final round...  Before I show you the game, I would also like to say my play style, as people have told me recently, lends itself to getting pieces thrown at me at the end.  This is one such game.  


On the the Main event!
Since the Polish worked so well in the action, and I have been doing a bit of studying on it lately, I decided for round 1, against what will be my lowest rated opponent in the tournament, to spice it up again. 
Pictures Courtesy of Davide Nastasio
In the second round, I played another 1600(ish) player, for sure an up and comer (type 3).


For the next post, I wanted to annotate some of the the better final round's games.  Hope to see you then!