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96 things about me

96 things about me

Feb 9, 2009, 7:36 AM 6

1. I was born on a Thursday.
2. I’m a Cancer born in the year of the Dog.
3. I have a very unique foreign sounding surname (Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, etc.).
4. I have a long first name but very short surname.
5. I have an identical twin brother.
6. I feel sad when somebody makes comparison of us.
7. I’ve had my first crush at age 10 but she disliked me much.
8. I have had so many crushes but I never told them.
9. Finally, during my Junior High School I mustered the courage to court a certain girl.
10. She dumped me right away.
11. I was on the honor roll during my elementary and secondary school days.
12. I passed the examinaton to be a priest.
13. I was a grantee of GSIS.
14. I have a naturally funny face.
15. I have made a lot of acquaintances.
16. But only few closest friends.
17. I love watching movies.
18. I am a die hard fan of Jacky Chan and Jet Li.
19. When I am in a forlorn mood I prefer staying alone.
20. I suffered a vehicular accident when I was just kid.
21. My family was not paid a single cent.
22. I played very good basketball game but had to stop playing after somebody punched me.
23. Intelligence is one of my erogenous zones.
24. I have a Business Administration degree.
25. I have an M.A. degree.
26. I have had 2 major scholarships.
27. I can easily forgive but I never forget.
28. My favorite food is well-done mollusc.
29. I am a chess maniac.
30. I used to play chess endlessly.
31. Longest was 2 days with no sleep.
32. I was a varsity chess player during my college days.
33. Now, I rarely play chess.
34. I don’t smoke.
35. I hate cigarette but not the smokers.
36. I am a beer drinker.
37. But I only drink when there is an occasion.
38. I am a very competitive person.
39. I love computers.
40. I first went online in 1992.
41. My favorite colors are orange and blue.
42. I have been to different countries.
43. My favorite city is Okinawa.
44. I can speak English, Tagalog, and little of Spanish and Japanese.
45. I don’t quit easily.
46. I like to sing and dance.
47. I am a loyal fan of Michael V.
48. My first car was a box-type Mitsubitshi Lancer.
49. I know that true love exists.
50. Traveling is one of my passions.
51. I am a diet conscious.
52. But I love to eat.
53. I made several bad decisions in my life.
54. I work best when I am being pushed to the limit.
55. The heaviest thing that I carried is an empty wallet.
56. I am an accidental winner.
57. I experienced so much pain in my life. 
58. I pick my battles.
59. I love spontaneous jokes.
60. I am the person I am today due to my past.
61. I have had my sordid past.
62. I experienced being drunk 2 months after graduating from college.
63. Fun to be with.
64. Secretive.
65. Difficult to fathom and to be understood.
66. Quiet unless excited or tensed.
67. Takes pride in oneself.
68. Easily consoled.
69. Honest.
70. Concerned about people’s feelings.
71. Tactful.
72. Friendly.
73. Approachable.
74. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable.
75. Moody and easily hurt.
76. Witty and sparkly.
77. Spazzy at times.
78. Not revengeful.
79. Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things.
80. Guides others physically and mentally.
81. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully.
82. Caring and loving.
83. Treats others equally.
84. Has a strong sense of sympathy.
85. Wary and sharp.
86. Judges people through observations.
87. Hardworking.
88. No difficulties in studying.
89. Always broods about the past and the old friends.
90. Waits for friends.
91. Not aggressive unless provoked.
92. Loves to be loved.
93. Easily hurt but takes long to recover.
94. Highly energetic and motivated.
95. Accepts problem as challenge.
96. I am my own worst critic, I become a better or worst person not because of others but because of me.

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