Joe's PlaceWell, here it is -- a list of Chess.cowill continue. So I m members who are helping me a

Sep 14, 2009, 11:23 AM |

Hopefully this blog will be a record of what I somewhat grandly refer to as "My First World Tour."

I am attempting to play one player from each country listed in the 'members' section of Chess.Com.  There are no criteria other than the player will be online when I look at the country's list and the rating will be close to my own.

So far one game is complete, one is under way and two challenges have been issued.

It is the journey, not the win/lose record that I will be tracking.

That is all for now.

Wednesday, I have replaced all the people in the A Group who did not respond to my challenge and have been able to make some headway, but still a very slow beginning.

The Tour advances slowly. I don't know why, I'm only asking people to play one game with me. If anyone is not willing to do that why would s/he be a member?

Anyway, I forge ahead.

All the "A" counties hav been challenged. That's 14. three games are finished. six games are underway and 5 challenges have not been answered -- one more day until replacement,

t's a fine idea that I had to track activity, not wins ands losses because ther are some excellent chess payers and I AM VERY GOOD AT FINDING THEM.

The tour is beginning slowly. I eem to be stuck in the A's. Right now I am waiting for responses to challenges. Members seem very slow in their replies.

Here we have Tuesday morning and My First World Tour continues. Thank you, friends, for your supportive comments.

The Tour is just beginning. So far it consists of 8 challenges (Afghanistan through Antiigua/Barbuda)

Three of those challenges have been accepted. One of thos games is complete and two are under way.

I suppose a word about the selection procees I use is in order. There are no rules to it axctually, just a few loose regulations.

I attempt to find opponents who:

1) has a higher -- but not too much higher -- rating than mine.

2) does not have too many games going on.

3) who has been a member for at least two months.

4) whom I have not played previously.

If I think of anymore I will add them.

What I would like, and what would be very helpful is if someone could tell me step by step (detailed) directions how to set up a table to record my oppenents and the status of the game. The table should consist of a few columns, and as many rows as there are countries. The columns should be: A, an alphabetical listing of countries; B, player; C, game status, (game status column should have the options of: a, challenge; b, active; c, complete -- I will not be tracking Win Loose, just play.

So, as a re-cap I will use the criteria stated above to play one game with one member from eah country listed in alphabetically.


The Tour continues  - only two more A country games and then onto the B country. Meeting some very interesting players, language does not seem to be too much of a barrier. Generally, I'm losing one two of three - so glad I'm not tracking that for public posting. Thank Heavens I claimed it was a good will tour only, friendly games. All those who do play in My First World Tour are welcome at my house anytime for a cold libation of choice. I'm about 4 hours northwest of New York City. When you get close call and I'll give detailed directions.

Okay, I have a chart in Excel which I would like to link to this blog. I believe that will be more convenient than adding each player as he or she partakes.

Now, let's see if it works,

Apparently not; I shall re-try. It might have something to do with the symbols on the lower right, but I don't know.

Friday October 9, 2009

Still trying to figure out how to attach the competition chart so that anyone who is interested can see me progress. Just on more3 'A' game to finish. I have already challenged some 'B' countries and quite naturally I getting my ass kicked there too. It seems to be working out like my non-tour play: win one, lose two. So I'm right at the two thirds mark. Of course if I were a major league hitter, I'd be the all time world record holder by ober 200 points with a whopping .667 (the all-time leader is of course Ted Williams with .401)

People are beginning to accept my challenges more readily so the pace is picking up.

Thursday 2 AM

For a short while I was improving, but it seems it was a short spike in results. The games are interesting however, still surprised at the number of people who speak English -- not quite sure how that happened, but it's nice.Will be approaching Cameroon very soon.

FridaY 6:30 AM

Still playing the B countries. I find it not so enjoyable as I thought it would be to play someone on a Caribbean Island where the daily weather issue is 75 and sunny and here it is 30 and snowing. I can't believe it snow in mid-October. I Really hope it is a one time thing. Winter is wretched and nearly unbearable, there is no reason for it to be intolerably long as well.

Monday 3 AM November 9,

Still floundering in the tail end of the B countries. I don't understand it. Have challenged a variety of members from these countries, but for some response there are no talers. One actually refused, but most simply ignore the challenge. Will wait another day and challenge others.

Sunday 8:30 AM November 29

Only British Virgin Isles left in the B counties left to play from that letter. Actually contacted a BVI resident who claims to love chess, but he rebuffed my challenge with the staement,"You has got to have higher rating." 

Haah, what an asshole. I have been beaten by several players way better than him. So there. You'd think islanders would be a little more laid back and less concious of titles. Anyway, I challenged another from BVI and moved on. Also Cambodia, Cameroon and Canada are all under way and the next set of c country challenges have been issued; so, like Bingo Long and the Traveling All-Stars, the tour rolls merrily along.

I'll try to be a little more regular in my blog entries, but probably won't get tuit.

Well, here we are -- almost mid-December and I'm still in the early C countires -- no worries. The viruses have been cleaned off the computer and I'm ready to proceed.

 and begin addendum: 10 - 01 - 2011

The tour is in fourth gear again, several games done, others underway, and several challenges outstanding.  I should finish the B & C countries this week and then move on to Djibouti.

Well, here it is -- a list of Chess.cowill continue.  So I m members who are helping me along in My First World Tour.  Fanfare & Flourish: The tour is about half done; I'm surprised how many people need to be challenged for a positive response.