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Time to Improve

Time to Improve

Dec 1, 2007, 1:30 PM 3

    Hey all you players out there should try something called live chess here on chess.com. its speed chess, which can be set to 2 min a move, a 15 min game, etc.  I think its pretty darn cool. Its nice to play a game without the annoying delay. And a releif is that you don't have to worry about dropping your rating, because it creates an entirely seperate rating from you normal account rating. Get playing!!

Here is the link to live chess--- www.chess.com/play/live.html

    On a secondary topic, here's a couple things that everyone should try, if you want to learn a good deal about chess and improve. The number one thing, recommendedd to me by my chess teacher, is Predator at the Chessboard. This is an excellent online book, in plain english, outlining all the strategy of chess. You may find this odd, but an interesting thing to do is go to wikipedia and type in chess openings. There are a couple of good links to learn some good ones, or to analyze your opponenet's opening. 

Here is what to type in to get to Predator at the Chessboard.


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