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Exchange sac the queen? What would you have done?

Aug 9, 2014, 4:13 AM 1

Just wondered what anyone thought about my decision to exchange sac my queen in this game at move 33 in the below. I was already a piece up, and so by the exchange I would have a bishop, knight and rook for my queen, which is pretty nice compensation. Would others have taken the same route, or played Kf8? I couldn't see any way for me to get checkmated, and so I think Kf8 was at least safe, and the possibility of Nh4 looked very tempting, but it would have left a much more complicated position, and I wasn't confident in my calculations. Does anything think 33 ...Kf8 followed by 34 ...Nh4 would have been a better way to continue?

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