Knights and rooks to win

Apr 12, 2014, 5:04 AM |

Here I made a silly early mistake, playing 5. ...a6 for the Najdorf, and then immediately 6. ...g6, which makes no sense. It gets me into hot water early on, but white is unable to capitalise, and slowly but surely I eke out an advantage, winning a pawn, exchanging queens, forcing trades of major and minor pieces, and ultimately immobilising white's pawns while creating an unstoppable passed pawn. Lots of knight-based action here. As ever, each side misses things here and there, mostly basic tactics, but overall I'm pretty happy with how I took control of the game.


The opening, from an early mistake on my side, to a roughly equal position:

The middle game - an exchange of queens and winning a pawn:



From a pawn up, nursing my advantage with rook and knight:



Time for the Knights to do battle as I try to nurse my pawn home: