Planning frustration

May 21, 2014, 3:15 PM |

I wish the title of this blog referred to my plans to frustrate my opponents. Instead, it is about my frustration at my inability to plan in positions I find unclear. 

My opponent generally likes an early bishop fianchetto on b2, and makes no attempt to go for the centre. After just 6 or 7 moves I have what I would think is a nice advantage in terms of development and control of the centre, but I just wasn't sure how to make use of it. After 15 moves there had been no captures, and there was quite a bit of tension, with each side pursuing operations on the opposite side of the board, but I had been floundering around, and I suddenly found myself facing a much less happy position, with white beginning to make incursions on the kingside. Without a real plan of action, I eventually made some bad moves, and was very quickly in hot water, and was eventually checkmated by an overwhelming attack in which white's pieces coordinated beautifully to absolutely crush my defences.

If anyone has any views on what plans I could have formulated earlier in the game, around say move 7/8, or again around 16/17, and what I should have been thinking about to come up with those plans, I would appreciate it if you'd leave a comment!


After these initial 16 moves or so, there had been no exchange of material. I was the first to blink, sending my knight on an adventure.

At this point I sunk into deep thought, and analysed and calculated and generally got my head in a muddle it seems, because I picked a pretty bad move, and found myself very quickly in deep trouble.

I thought I had survived the storm, and wasn't sure what to expect from white's next move. I felt better than a few moves previously, but it seems I overlooked white's great shot.