Positional play and powerful passed pawns

May 18, 2014, 10:13 AM |

I think this is one of the most successfully positional games I have played, where the win mostly resulted from taking advantage of the imbalances in the position, rather than simple tactical errors, which I think is a sign of improvement in my play. I won a pawn early in the game, and then formulated a plan with two parts: generate connected passed pawns on the queenside, and create a good outpost for my knight on d5. I achieved both (with some blips along the way) and despite going down the exchange, was able to take advantage of a strong positional advantage to win the game.

 The opening:

Taking stock of the position:


Middlegame - trying to consolidate my pawn advantage, and lots of positional faffing around on both sides:

Recovering from a mistake, and converting my advantage: