Puzzles from some of my recent games

Apr 19, 2014, 6:16 AM |

A series of puzzles based on tactics which cropped up in some of my games recently. Enjoy!

First, a quick and painful mate which was delivered in 15 moves. We join the game at move 12:


Next, getting ready to throw a rook boomerang:
The next three use the same position. Looking for three different routes to checkmate, each of which avoids stalemate. I'll give clues, since there's no way you could guess which order I've put them in. The first is a bishop.
Next, a knight:
Finally, just patience:
And saving the most complex for last, a tactic which was actually missed in the game, but is really nice. I'd welcome any thoughts on the position after move 6 here. It looks to me like black has definitely secured a draw, while any attempt by white to force the issue should lead to a win for black.