When appearances are deceiving

May 25, 2014, 5:10 AM |

In this game I set a nice little trap to win my opponent's queen. It all went according to plan, and I won the game, but post-game analysis threw up a very unexpected line which showed my trap wasn't what it appeared.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone about the 'drawish position' that we didn't get in the game, and whether it is as drawish as the computer suggests (I don't have any chess engines, and rely on the chess.com computer analysis which claims to be 2500 ELO. That's not necessarily an invitation for someone to plug the position into Houdini, but any thoughts welcome).

Here's the game:

Decision time, decision taken:

Here's where the actual game got uninteresting, but where in fact, I think it could have been most interesting:

And here is the 'drawish position' we didn't get:

So, any thoughts? I certainly don't know how I would have continued if we had arrived at this position.

It goes to show: make sure to check all possible continuations, even if they seem implausible - sometimes there are surprises lurking!