Winning a won game - my favourite winning combination from one of my games

I was up a piece in this Ruy Lopez, but we all know the importance of finding the right idea to win a won game. My opponent blundered badly, but I was very pleased with the clear plan that I found from move 32 onwards revolving around Re8, and the way in which I executed it, basically forcing black into mate in what I thought was quite an elegant way. Let me know what you think!
[Edit: I just got my computer analysis for this game, and I wanted to say that its rating of the position before I played 33. Re8 was +13.9, and after I played 33. Re8 it was 51.8+! Any ideas why it would completely miss this idea?]


  • 2 years ago


    Wow! There are many ways to win with a knight and Rook up, but this was very pretty!

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