A lesson, or, I am a noob.

Apr 17, 2010, 10:00 PM |

If 1. e4 c5 is followed by 2. Qh5, 2. . . . Nf6. If 1. e4 c5 is followed by 2. Bc4, 2. . . . e6. My play's been better in the past day or two, with the marked exception of when I play that opening, in which case it's been quite a bit worse. The worst part is, I recognized the trick coming the second time around and still didn't counter it right.

The best part is, each time I was graciously offered a rematch and played well, both in comparison (which is quite easy to do, since that merely requires making a fourth move) and more objectively (two wins). Time to run an analysis on the PGN of the second one!