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i don't know, what do i do?

i don't know, what do i do?

Dec 24, 2007, 5:33 PM 3

     i am on a train bound for rome, italy from paris, france.  my ticket says one way to rome from paris(i put it on my credit card).  the announcer says we should arrive in 12hrs and told us to enjoy the ride.  i see the country side outside the window and its beautiful.  mountains, rivers, houses, farms, tunnels, bridges, trees, people, cars and other trains wiz by.  i see other passengers excited, talking, reading about rome.  it's my first time there.  never traveled outside of paris.  i'm excited too.  the conductor, the announcer and train personel are saying it's a great place, so many things to see, hear, feel and taste in rome.  i can't wait to get there, i hope we get there soon, i'm so eager to get there soon.  once i get there in rome, i know its going to solve all my problems, because in rome my father is there to take care of me, he's a tillionaire.  and he told me he would take care of me but it was up to me to get there.  once i get there my part of the bargin is done.  and i will be set.

     we stop off for maintence in switzeland station.  a man outside the train has a sign and it reads "that train you are riding does not go to rome it goes to hell.  it is not the right train, the right train to rome is on track 4".  everything on the train that i'm on, tells me, i'm on the right train but this guy is telling me different.  do i get off the train and investigate or do i stay on the train?



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