I was one of the ' luckiest '

Mar 2, 2014, 8:50 AM |

I wrote a blog some months back stating how amazed I am at the rudeness of( some) people on chess.com although I am no longer amazed, the majorirty of people are polite and show relative good sportsmanship.... Two recent examples of extreme arrogance, rudeness or just plain cheating are worth sharing though.

subject number one: I was playing him and ( bear in mind I am about 150 points higher than him) he was winning.... 2 pieces ahead, but we were still in the middle game..anyway, cutting to the chase, he made a mistake and suddenly found himself hemmed in by his own pieces. I could see that in the next move or two I would get one of his pieces but I did not see a mating opportunity( he really was not my type). Anyway, all of a sudden he said 'you are very lucky' and  I was one of the luckiest players he had played... he then told me I was also the poorest player he had ever played and then he resigned. I was going to write a comment on his home page but decided against it because he was probably right  and incidently I had 'bragging rights' but there is little point in doing that... I am a middle of the road chess player with a middle of the road rating ( about 1220)so I have nothing to brag about but I am always amused when someone that has just been beaten by you, will tell you how bad you play.... hey guys that is not news... i know I play badly. I find it rude and arrogant when someone who has beaten me tells me how badly I play,   but I am unsure what to label it when some one I have beaten,tells me how badly I play. But wait there's more: Subject number 2.. we are playing a game and things are about even when subject number 2 makes a blunder and I fork his king and queen( well they were there for the taking)... his response was a one of a kind response that I have never encountered before ( and i hope I do not encounter again). He asked me for a draw... I made no response and moved a piece.. he then threatened to commit suicide( that is taking disappointment a little too far I think).. I made another move and he was incredulous that I declined a draw and said, "what you want me to commit suicide"? again no comment I just made a move and he resigned and posted  on my webpage how stupid I am.... it certainly is the most bizarre response i have encountered in 2 years of chess.com... i know he was not serious because he played a winning game after me ( I checked). Anyway just wanted to share these two experiences,but I must reiterate that the majority of players I encounter are friendly and polite and rarely threaten suicide to get a draw. Perhaps if I ever play Carlsen i might swindle a sympathetic draw with the 'suicide defense'?