Magnus Carlsen: Too weak, too slow!


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    This book is absolutely phenomenal and it is a 

    book that you, if you don't already have it, should 

    get; you will not regret it. The material is 

    comprehensive and the presentation easy to follow, 

    while at the same time very instructive. 

    Had it not been for the fact that it was published 

    towards the very end of last year, when only few 

    people knew about it, I would think that it could 

    easily have run away with the book of the year 

    award, it is that good! In my opinion this book will 

    go on to become a classic, much like Reuben Fine's 

    Basic Chess Endings is. Just like Fine's book, 

    which covered much more than just the basics, the 

    present book covers much more than what is just 


    Book Reviews,

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    Magnus Carlsen read this book "Fundamentals Chess Endings"

    by Karsten Muller (Author) , Frank Lamprecht (Author)

    In a major event in chess publishing, two German endgame experts have produced a masterly one-volume encyclopaedia that covers all major endgames.

    This is the first truly modern one-volume endgame encyclopaedia. It makes full use of endgame tablebases and analytical engines that access these tablebases; where previous authors could only make educated guesses, Müller and Lamprecht have often been able to state the definitive truth, or get much closer to it.

    New time-controls involve competitive games being played to a finish in one session, so it is especially important that chess-players understand the key endgame principles. This book provides comprehensive assistance for any players wishing to study the endgame. In addition to a feast of detailed analysis, the authors emphasize the practical side of endgame play, describing rules of thumb, principles, and thinking methods.

    Fundamental Chess Endings is both the ideal endgame reference work, and a book that can profitably and enjoyably be read from start to finish.

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    Sparring is a form of training common to many combat sports

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    At the training camp in Norway, one of his assistants is Laurent Frayssinet. 

    Cool video as Carlsen played blitz Frayssinet where Magnus mocks in earnest over his rival: "too weak and too slow for me," all funny video at the end Magnus puts unexpected mate.
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