chess group playing

Aug 31, 2007, 5:32 AM |

in my last post i was talking about one of the games i have in progress. well, it is in the last move, it looks like the winner is not going to be me. But what i want to talk about here today is something i already talked in my first post. i make not of this game that is in the end moves because of this conversation we had along the game:

jordiiwoo: hi

Ghostknight: HI


jordiiwoo: one thing i think it could be great in here

jordiiwoo: is to be able to compere the position of one game

jordiiwoo: with some list of games that had passed throu that same position

jordiiwoo: well, i know this have some big technical problems, but

Ghostknight: Huge technical problems- but a bigger problem- how do you stop people cheating? Trust doesn't always work...

jordiiwoo: i understand, but...


jordiiwoo: about that idea of mine of share a one position the moves of other players

jordiiwoo: you could have access to only the games made by other players with in the same ranking

jordiiwoo: i think this could be interesting

jordiiwoo: and it would be controled by the site

jordiiwoo: and it ll be access to both players only if they both agree with it

jordiiwoo: it would be as if you go play with the colective memorie of all that people

jordiiwoo: i think we have here something

 also, in my first post here i talked something about this and erik comment there that i could be talking about vote chess. it was my first time i here about that, so i went to search about it.

now i think it is not precise that i had in mind, but its close. i now im thinking about cooperation like in vote chess, but i am thinking more in share artificialy ou experiance. And that idea i had in this game with Ghostknight could be near from it. i see it more like a trainning then a game, we could even take it from counting to ranking calculation. it would be if you had at your side every people that for some time in the pass with your ranking (or near it) played that position. it ll be great if you could have easy access to a list of moves already made in that position of the game that you are and see comments others made in there, and even you could add your own comments to that "forum" indexed in that position. please help me saying this is not very clear.