first time here


hi everyone, this is my first post and its the first think i'm doing in this site. Well, first i peek a little, looked to some game and then i tryed to play a game and sign up, bla,bla...

ok, i live in Lisbon, Portugal, my name is not really jordii, but i'm linking it for now so you can call me that, its not that far from the real one.

 I learned the game when i was some where around nine years old, i study by my self some books, some openings and the endings, and payed now and then, mostly with my brother until we got bigger. Entered in one or two summer local champions, but never for real.

 I like the game, but like also many other games, so i like to play it now and then.

I have some ideas i would like to discuss about how we could made some web interface to play in group the same game, you see, any number of players in the white side and another bigger or smaller group in the black side and the interface managing how that group of people decide to make each move. So, if you like to talk about it, or about any othe idea you may have, just make a comment. thanks