my chess boards

Sep 2, 2007, 1:16 PM |

i would like to put here an image of my chess board. the thing is that i dont have one in my house for some time now. i know, how is it possible. well, i dont know, i guess i simply didnt fill the need for having one until this month and even after a month i dont have it yet.

 i guess i m not the buy type, i not even the get it type, for some things i like to wish them and then wait until they find me.

 in my mothers house it was a chess board with wood pieces. i dont remember that house without it. it was not visible, it was closed with some other games but i new it was there. some time later we bought a new set of plastic pieces. and even  later my brother came from interralle with an havy board and pieces all made of stone.