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About me

About me

Oct 2, 2010, 2:43 PM 2

i live in staten island new york,born and raised,lived in the jersey shore for 4 months,west new york for one and a half years,and queens new york for two years.i enjoy all types of movies,books,music,and games.i like to laugh,am laid back,and have a strong belief in GOD even though i don't follow organized religion.just looking to have some fun and make friends in the process.....if you want me on your team just ask,i added alot of teams,and will be narrowing it down,to a few.so i will be able to be more useful.i enjoy sports[basketball,hockey,baseball and football],all types of movies,books,music and alot of things,just ask me....joe.....also check my yahoo page jomomma5221@yahoo.com click on profile and see pics,or facebook will connect you or use my name joseph herman pic of the rza[wutang] repping staten island.i am a graphic horror writer,it's my calling,besides helping others.GOD'S will not mine

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