Learners Permits and Chocolate Cake.

May 21, 2016, 8:38 PM |

I haven't posted in a while, so I decided to do one tonight. Something has happened that I want you to be aware of: I have my learner's permit now. If you are around the Dothan AL Metro area, beware because I am on the roads with you. I had to do 2 chocolate cakes this week, one for my birthday, and one for my sister's karate party. The party was good, and I got to drive home. Speaking of driving, if you ever try night driving, use what I am about to give you as a guideline.

                                                         Night Driving 101:

                       Step 1: Eat chocolate cake. This calms your nerves.

                       Step 2: Drink coke, or pepsi, whatever you prefer. I prefer pepsi.

                       Step 3: Drive to your destination.

                       Step 4: At your destination, eat more chocolate cake and celebrate. 

If you have made it to here, you must be questioning my sanity. Trust me, it's still intact. I just put it there because that is how I did my first night driving experience. Driving is a trial by fire experience. Warning: do not sprain your left ankle. It only makes the experience painful. I just wanted to do a short one tonight. 

Until then,

Safe driving to me and you,