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Best Chess Coach on Chess.com

Best Chess Coach on Chess.com

Jan 23, 2013, 5:23 PM 1

Hello Chess.com memebers, I'm relatively new to chess and have been enjoying my time on this website.  I paid for the platinum membership allowing me to watch Chess.com's video archive.  I just wanted to make post saying that ANYONE looking to improve their game rapidly should watch ALL of GM Roman Dzindzichashvilli's videos.  Over the course of two weeks, I managed to watch all of his videos and finally cracked +1500 from struggling to stay above 1400.  His videos are incredibly instructional and amazingly funny.  Roman has the most unique sense of humor only rivaled by IM Danny Rensch.  I was considering going back to watch them all again to process them better, but I'm going to go now to another talented player, again, Danny Rensch.  Even though he's not a GM, Danny is an incredible coach and has a great sense of humor.  Hopefully people reading this blog can comment on their favorite players who provide video lectures here on this site or generally online.  Everyone knows there's great books out there, but for new players those are too difficult to process because chess notation is not easy to read and visualize immediately w/o the help of a board.  Video lectures are similar to classes one would take at a university.  Anyways, hope people find this post helpful, I think people up to 1800 can benefit from this information.  It's my goal to hit 1800 by the end of this year, wish me luck!

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