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Does playing Chess 960 help your regular chess game?

Does playing Chess 960 help your regular chess game?

Jan 27, 2013, 8:32 PM 10

I'm posting this to get feedback from players as to whether they feel chess 960 helps their regular game and if so, how or why?  I play poker and a good analogy is hold'em vs omaha.  For readers that do not play poker, I apologize about this not maybe not making much sense, but in omaha you get 4 cards vs 2, so the winning hands are much better than in hold'em.  the principles of poker are much more important in omaha because of this factor.

It seem like in chess 960 the random setups can lead to some really sharp openings because many times you have coupled bishops or weak king's position.  also, there are many chess 960 openings that have vulnerable pawns and rooks. 

If I had to guess any downside to chess 960, is that much of regular chess is knowing main theory to at least have a decent advantage going into middle and endgame.  I often play very creative opponents that do not know openings and sometimes it leads to lines that are tricky, but overall easy to win if no mistakes/blunders are made.

I personally have a terrible memory, but have a good feeling for principles and their application.  Chess 960 seems to be all about about principles of chess and applying them and so I see that as a potential benefit.  I've seen some highly rated regular chess players with very low chess 960 ratings and wonder if it that suggests anything. Anyways, I would very much appreciate anyone's comments about this subject.  It may have been asked before, but here's another opportunity to answer.

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