Penalty for players leaving live chess games?

One frustrating aspect of the live games is when opponents are severely losing and leave the game, but do not resign, players are left waiting around for the game to end.  there's a message saying that player might be penalized for repeated disconnections, but I'm wondering how many times can they do that before their account is suspended?  Often I'll have that happen to me and then I click to that player's bio and of course I see other comments about players experiencing the same problems.  Those players should not be able to play live games.  What do people think?  Leave your comments for


  • 11 months ago


      As far as i can tell that statement about someone disconnecting facing a punishement is an empty threat. Sometimes when someone disconnects from me i look at their homepage and usually there are several posts saying that this person did the same thing to them as well. I think that until the admin actually does something about it this will continue. As far as citizensof the USA i think on a %  basis this is untrue but since there are more players from the USA it would likely be true that there are more disconnecters from the USA.(As well as more nondisconnectors).

  • 16 months ago


    Suggested penalties:

    First Offence = waterboarding

    Second Offence = firing squad

  • 4 years ago


    Remember sometimes there can be internet connection problems which can result in an unexpected disconnection, and is ultimately outside of the individuals control.

  • 4 years ago


    punish the infidels!!! Wink

  • 4 years ago


    thats right those players must be punished..

  • 4 years ago


    I have played thousands of games on and I definitely have not seen any trend of this happening more with US players than any other country. please refrain from spreading propaganda @talktob

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    funny how someone from uk makes comment about u.s players, brilliant.  i notice players who have no profile photo do not have much to say of any value.  it would be nice if could develop a way to differiente the difference b/w a disconnect and someone outright closing the window or game to leave.  that should be an automatic resign.

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    i have to admit that i find the people who do this most of all are from america - no idea why

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  • 4 years ago


    Yeah I agree with you bro... those players should be banned

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    The last live tournament I played here the program went crazy and did not allow me to play, resign, leave, or anything but disconnect. My iPad worked fine for everything else, but I lost one game that I should have won before it went crazy.

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