Annoying Live Chess Oponent

May 26, 2010, 2:26 PM |

I played a game against Ronin-Samurai. After a great queen sac, I had mate in two, so he held up till he ran out of time. It was very annoying!

Here is the game and Chat:


NEW GAME - jrcolonial98 vs. Ronin-Samurai

Ronin-Samurai has disconnected. Waiting for reconnect...

Ronin-Samurai has reconnected.

jrcolonial98: are you there?

Ronin-Samurai: no

Ronin-Samurai: please leave a message after the tone

jrcolonial98: please go, holding up is exremely annoying

Ronin-Samurai: beep

Ronin-Samurai: your message has been recorded, please press 1 to re-record your message

jrcolonial98: i have all the time in the world... just time out, i dont care.

Ronin-Samurai: im sorry, the wireless caller you are trying to reach is unavailable, please hang up and try again

jrcolonial98: i will report you

Ronin-Samurai: lol

Ronin-Samurai: for what

Ronin-Samurai: i have 7 minutes

jrcolonial98: i can copy and paste this and send it to a moderator

Ronin-Samurai: copy and paste what

jrcolonial98: face it, you missed my beast queen sac.

Ronin-Samurai: i havent done anything to violate the terms of this site

Ronin-Samurai: if i want to take 7 minutes to think about my move i can

Ronin-Samurai: but since your just a small child ill have pity on you

GAME OVER - jrcolonial98 vs. Ronin-Samurai - jrcolonial98 won by resignation (+69). Your new blitz rating is 1325.