Top Ten no-resignation responses

Apr 12, 2008, 11:04 PM |

I've played less than 100 games, but I've been asked by 5 different opponents who were beating me soundly: "Why don't you just resign?!?"

This only fuels my resolve.  They all had played many more games than me, so I wonder why an answer isn't obvious to them:

 1) "Your confidence might make you blunder."  I know mine has.

2) "Something may fail with your computer's internet connection, causing me to win because of a time-out."  Yes, stuff happens like that.

3) "You might stalemate me."  My opponent might make a move which leaves me no possible countermove.  In one game, I blundered by losing my queen.  The game from then on became a sacrifice display.  I'm sure my opponent thought I was nuts, throwing good pieces into obvious capture situations with no guard to back them up, but my intention was to put him in a situation where I had no move left -- no pieces left.  And it almost worked. It came down to one move where he would have either forced a stalemate or win, and he chose wisely.  But it was tricky. 

4) "I'm practicing my end game."

5) "I'm helping you practice your end game."

6) "Why don't YOU just resign?!?"

7) "All I have to do is get a pawn to the other side and it's a new game."

8) "My father told me that perseverance pays off."

9) "I'm learning how to lose gracefully."

10) "I like playing."

Now sometimes I will resign if I think my time is better spent on another game OR if I respect my opponent's time. But even if the "writing is on the wall", I may decide to hang in there just on (these) principles.