IMPORTANT -Tilicheev_Viacheslav's response


As many of you know already FM Tilicheev_Viacheslav's account has been closed by for cheating.  He denies this charge and this is his response to Danny.  Both myself and FM Tilicheev_Viacheslav believe that this response should be made public.

This is the exact response.


"Unfortunately, staff decided that in yesterday Titled Tuesday tournament I've used chess programs. This accusation is unacceptable without 100% proofs, not only by words of working of confidencial system. My reputation after this completely damaged - and I have many students here, hosting the simul in which many players already played. How can I break it all down for only something like $100? Below I try to give the explanation of what happened today.

My wins:
1st game (don't remember the opponent's username) - Equal ending, opponent lost the thread and I managed to messed up him.
GGuseinov - this variation was prepared two days ago in Bulgarian Team Championship where I'm currently play. I'm sacrificed the queen and pretty sure that if Gadir was play 28..h5 and not blundered the queen, he had BETTER chances.
Genghis_K - I'm playing Rauzer at least 7 years and this game was in one course with my game against Krivoborodov in 2012. You can simply check it, opponent played really bad.
MinhGTrAn - as Daniel Rensch said in his letter to me it was the most "blatant" game. As I can see - I sacrificed the pawn in the opening and not reach enough compensation. After it opponent makes very very simple blunder after which I'm quickly got the winning situation and it's all. Still the mystery for me what is blatant here. You can also look at the game and see that biggest part of the game I had WORSEN position without real compensation. Here is the game -
And the last win against played I don't remember - Sicilian Najdorf, whole the game was my analysis (imagine, sometimes it happens when 2400 played).
Hikaru - he played very peacefully and it was surprisingly easy.
Jcibarra - homework til the end of the game - I well analyzed this line due to my game against Kunin in 2012.
Hevorg_Harutjunyan - sharp game, maybe even lose at some moment, maybe win - who knows.
Tal_Baron - just decided to secure the place in prizes in interesting, non-standard position.
I describe the course of the games to show my professionalism and still that I'm interested in honest evaluation.
P.S. I'm played the tornament in my work - I'm working as security guard. Here I have only one work computer in which I have access to internet and program with cameras - that's all another is impossible to install with my level of access. It is just to know.


Please take into account also my words."
Now speaking for myself I think should present their evidence publicly since their accusation and closing of the account was public.  It would also be awesome if some other titled players looked up these games (they are availalbe on the opponents archive) and analyzed them with engines so that weaker players like myself can have more information if these accusations are true.  
Please comment and share because this along with all cheating accusations is very important and all sides of this matter need to be looked at.