Carlsen shows his class by IM Juan Röhl
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Carlsen shows his class by IM Juan Röhl

IM juanrohl
Feb 3, 2018, 4:35 AM |

Carlsen shows his class

World Champion, norwegian Magnus Carlsen, won in extremis at the Tata Steel tournament, considered the "Wimbledon" of the chess world, and reached a new record with his sixth win. He tied the first place with the Dutch GM Anish Giri, clearly excelling in the Tiebreaker Match by 1.5 to 0.5. In the third place ended the Russian World Champion Vladimir Kramnik and the Azerbaijani GM Shakriyar Mamedyarov with 8.5. The Challenger Tournament was won by the young Hindu GM Santosh Vidit, who achieved his pass for the Masters group next year.

In the absence of two rounds, the World's strongest Open, the Tradewise of Gibraltar, is led by GMs Hikaru Nakamura of the United States, Gaius Maxime Vachier Lagrave, Russian Daniil Dubov and Hungarian Richard Rapport with 6.5 out of 8 , a bitter struggle to define the outposts are expected. Highlights include performances by Spanish young Lance Henderson (with options for GM norm) and Georgian Nino IM Batsiashvili. Our GM Eduardo Iturrizaga occupies the 69th place with 5 points, we hope to finish the event with strength and good style.

The First Edition of the Superior League by Teams ended with the surprise triumph of the team of Guárico, integrated by CM Rafael Corado, NMs Alejandro Pacheco, Alejandro Fuentes and Marcos Piña and by Tomas Camacho; seconded the team Fransheska White composed of MFs Kelvin Sanchez, Ismael Vidal and Mauricio Ramirez, and the CMs Reivis Brizuela and Angel Ramirez and third, the GM Julio Bolbochán team composed IM Aníbal Gamboa arrived, the CM Gerardo Marín, the NMs Giuseppe Abatantuono, Jorge Guerra and Carlos Alvino. The event was organized by FM Alexander Hernández.

Let us then victory against Giri Carlsen in the first game playoff, which shows its enormous class to play Finals. After move 45 black, he came to the position that reflects the diagram.


46.b4 !! (a nice and accurate maneuver that allows the King's passage of the target) 46 ... Bf4 47.Bf8! (attacking black weaknesses) 47 ... Kb6 (if 47 ... Kd7 48.Ka5 Ke8 49.Bc5! win) 48.Bxg7 Bg5 49.Bf8 Bf4 50.Be7 Bg5 51.Kb3! (breaking the Strength tried by Giri, simple and deep game that reminds Capablanca) 51 ... Kc7 52.Kc4 Kd7 53.Bc5 Kc7 54.Kd3 Kd7 55.Be3! Bxe3 56.Bxe3 Kd6 (and surrendered to Kd4 Giri Carlsen won for the sixth time, to Federer) 1-0

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