Caruana leads in Berlin by IM Juan Armando Röhl Montes
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Caruana leads in Berlin by IM Juan Armando Röhl Montes

IM juanrohl
Mar 23, 2018, 9:30 PM |

Caruana leads in Berlin

The North American Grand Master (of Italian origin) Fabiano Caruana is the new leader of the Candidates Tournament, which is currently held in Berlin, accumulates 6 points (fruit of 3 wins and 6 draws), followed by the Azeri GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov with 5, 5 and the Russian GM Alexander Grischuk with 5. Highlights the fall of the Ex-World Champion Vladimir Kramnik, who after a brilliant start, occupies the last position with 3.5, along with two of the great disappointments, the Armenian favorite GM Levon Aronian and the American Champion GM Wesley So.

At the National level, we highlight the resounding victory of Cuban IM Humberto Blanco at the ITT "Margarita Dystany Hotel", which belongs to the ITT Circuit of the Venezuelan Chess Federation. The Master, a native of the province of Las Tunas, accumulated 7 of 9 in undefeated character, was seconded by the Colombian FM Gilberto Valderrama with 5.5 points, being third IM Oscar Zavarce with 5 points. He acted as Director of the Tournament IA Ulises Hernández.

 On March 21, at the Headquarters of Grupo Últimas Noticias in Caracas, the Final Stage of the Superior League for Teams began, with the participation of 6 teams: FVA, Fransheska White, Risings Stars Academy, Zerdeja; LO & AR Team Galletero and GM Julio Bolbochan (1920-1996), the latter, in honor of one of the greatest figures of Latin American Chess, of whom the former president of the FVA Dr. Uvencio Blanco, brilliantly highlighted the 98th anniversary of his birthday, through social networks, on March 20. A double round is played and in parallel a series of Talks and a Problem Contest are developed.

Let's see next a beautiful study of the Kalandatze and Tavariani composers of 1967 where the Whites masterly handle the concepts of Initiative and Domination.


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