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Chess by Juan Röhl

Chess by Juan Röhl

Feb 2, 2016, 12:32 PM 0
CHESS BY JUAN RÖHLChess is one of the most impressive activities that created humanity, has several elements of art (because of its close links with the beauty and creativity of our race), science (in the sense linked to the application of the method scientific and computers and Internet), sport (practice with the same rules worldwide, with responsibilities ranging from junior class to the so-called "Seniors" and have an International Federation created in Paris in 1924 and has more than 150 members on five continents) and game (being an ideal space for healthy recreation) countries. Without having an exact date of origin (there are many theories about it), what is clear is that comes from the East and Europe passed through the Arab conquest in the West its final rules are defined and practically for more than 500 years is played with the same moves and goals. Chess allows the man find himself, that is, know your most intimate features, wanting to achieve victory based on a constant decision making, which involves both preparation (theory) as intuition and talent (Practice) this leads us to consider that any lover of it, can achieve a high level of satisfaction in being able to understand their secret, which is nothing if not to capture the essence of harmonic motion and sense, all must carry a natural process creating ideas, plans and carry them out, motorizarlos with all our intellectual weapons, chess is a battle for truth, it is a confrontation of opinions, observation, calculation, cunning, life of wooden figures (or other material ) who they insist on a real goal, in short, to achieve victory, to "checkmate".

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