Column "Plant Chess" to September 30

Column "Plant Chess" to September 30

IM juanrohl
Sep 30, 2016, 11:02 AM |

Chess shines in Venezuela

The chess activity vibrates in our country, in Caracas was successful Fast IRT "WCM Brigit Contreras Quintero" which was won by talented player and coach Richard Ramirez, who beat the playoff system to CM capital Gerardo Marin, both with 6.5 7, in third place were tied Mirandino Carlos Gascón and MF Mauricio Ramirez 6. in the IRT tournament Tribute and Recognition AI Darromán Cotilla Lazarus held in Acarigua, triumphed Ruben Briceno 5.5 CM they followed by Kelvin Sanchez and Richard Ortega both with 5 points, 34 chess players participated.

The ITT "Virgen del Valle" was held at the Hotel Venetur Margarita and the MI was won after beating Ariel Marichal monaguense MF Andrés Guerrero (who brilliantly managed his second Standard MI) both with 7 points. Open tournament had as strong winning the Olympic WCM Corals Patiño 7.5 9; Blitz Tournament triumphed Cuban Liordis MI Quesada, 52 chess players participated Nicaragua, Austria, Cuba and Venezuela.

Debate Forum on the performance of the Olympic teams in 2016 Baku was held successfully in Corpojuventud headquarters in Caracas, Drs. Uvencio White, Roy Melendez and MBA Juan Röhl lectured for 3 hours, making interesting proposals among which the Olympic cycle Batumi 2018 starts this year, public and private support is sought to ensure the best conditions of preparation and done proper selection of Coaches of both teams; We congratulate Lic. Ely Saul Sequera for organizing such an important and useful activity.

Last Sept. 26 died in Moscow on famous Russian coach Mark Dvorestky (1947-2016), considered the best by its original style and its wonderful results, today we remember one of his favorite studies, Composer Wotawa 1960.

1.f8 = D! (A simple move with an explosive idea) 1 ... Txf8 2.gxh5! Kf7 3.Th8 !! (A fabulous idea, Torre white gives way in the "impossible" box, does not serve the hasty 3.Txf8 +? Rxf8 4.Tf1 + Kg8 5.h6 h5 !! gxh6 6.Re7 brilliant defensive resource that saves the black 7.Tg1 + rh8 8.Rf7 equal h6) 3 ... Txh8 4.Tf1 + Kg8 5.h6! gxh6 (if 6.Re7 5 ... b2 b1 = D 7.Tf8mate) 6.Re7! (Black and surrenders to the inevitable mate Peace Remnants of the great Mark Dvorestky!) 1-0

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