Ineffable Carlsen triumphs in Oslo by IM Juan Armando Röhl Montes
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Ineffable Carlsen triumphs in Oslo by IM Juan Armando Röhl Montes

IM juanrohl
Feb 25, 2018, 7:31 AM |

Ineffable Carlsen triumphs in Oslo
The World Chess Champion the Norwegian GM Magnus Carlsen once again showed his enormous competitive spirit and Resilience, to brilliantly defeat the American GM Hikaru Nakamura by 14 to 10, in the exhibition match of Fischer Random held in Oslo. The modality that consists in the draw of the pieces at the start of the game (and which was invented by the legendary North American Champion Bobby Fischer), avoids to a large extent the enormous preparation of the players and thus the talent and the ability to adapt were the characteristics exhibited by a full Carlsen.

The "Eleazar Diaz Rangel" Cup ended with a resounding success at the facilities of Group Ultimas Noticias, the event is part of the Superior Chess League, was dominated in an undefeated manner by the team LO & AR Team Galletero, which was made up of the FMs Franklin Palomo, Ronald Brizuela, Andrés Guerrero, José Luis Castro, CM Lorner Acosta and José Colina, the Rising Stars Academy team and the third finalized the Air Net Consult team, with the presence of the everlasting journalist who was once again a gala his great love and knowledge of creole sport.
Let's see below a beautiful shot achieved with black pieces by the American GM Robert Byrne against the Argentine Master Enrique Reinhardt in the Mar del Plata Tournament in 1961 and where after the 20th move of the target came to the position that reflects the Diagram.


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