FM Andrey Terekhov dominates the field at Balestier Closed Rapid 2015

CM juniortay
Jun 12, 2015, 7:48 AM |

The 1st Balestier Closed Rapid (15m+3s increment) was held on the 8th of June featuring a bunch of Singapore's mastersĀ  and regular swiss circuit winners. As an incentive (surely, the players did not make their way to Balestier for the sake of the $35 first prize or the $20 2nd prize), the tournament winner would be 'rewarded' with a 2 game match with International Master Terry Toh.

FM Andrey Terekhov, Benjamin Foo and CM Olimpiu Urcan surged into the lead with 2/2.

Andrey had found CM Tan Weiliang's Slav too tough to breach during their rapid match two weeks ago (1-1 draw in 25m+10s play, and Weiliang won the blitz tiebreak 2-0), and this time round, he finally cut the Gordian knot.

(Game analysis by FM Andrey Terekhov)

The following game illustrates one key difference between rapid and classical chess, well at least at Singaporean level. An extremely off-form FM Jarred Neubronner had to burn oodles of time trying to work out CM Urcan's wily moves which were designed for that very purpose!

The following round saw Ben and Olimpiu drop off the pace slightly as they fought out an exciting draw with mutual chances going a-begging.

(Game Analysis by Urcan and Tay)

Andrey stepped up the gas next, taking advantage of an opening inaccuracy to extend his lead.

Ben gave chase with strong endgame play in overcoming Weiliang.

(Game analysis by Benjamin Foo and Tay)

Finally, Andrey showed who's the boss by drawing Ben from a position of strength in the final round to finish the deserving winner of the 1st Balestier Closed Rapid event!

(Game analysis by FM Andrey Terekhov)

Final Result (Round Robin 6-players)

1st: FM Andrey Terekhov (2291)(He wins $35 and earns a 2 game match against IM Terry Toh in July) 4.5/5

2nd: Benjamin Foo (2221) ($20) 4

3rd: CM Olimpiu Urcan (2050) 3.5

4th: CM Tan Weiliang (2216)2

5th: FM Jarred Neubronner (2280) 1

6th:Gabriel Cheang (1964) 0

Pictures from the event

Can Andrey refute Black's opening inaccuracy?

Yes, he can!

Gabriel Cheang (right) was pitted againt opponents rated 100+ to 300+ pts above him. He thus treated the event as a master-class training session, recording every move even when he was in chronic time trouble to make sure he would not miss anything later.

Benjamin Foo finished clear 2nd with 4/5 (3 wins 2 draws).

CM Tan Weiliang (right) trying to hold Andrey

in the minor piece ending.

A blunderful event for FM Jarred Neubronner -

where he shed pawns and pieces with alarming regularity.